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Awards and Scholarships

AFOA Canada is dedicated to helping Aboriginal people reach the highest standard of excellence in finance and management. AFOA's initiatives in the development of Awards and Scholarships are examples of that commitment.

The AFOA-Xerox Excellence in Leadership Awards recognizes and celebrates Aboriginal achievement in financial management. More information on this Award can be found at left.

The AFOA-PotashCorp Aboriginal Youth Financial Management Awards are open to Aboriginal youth in grades 11 and 12. Winners attend AFOA's National Conference and participate in a special Youth program designed to introduce youth to careers in Aboriginal finance and management. More information on these Awards can be found at left.

Norman Taylor Memorial Scholarships & Bursaries - AFOA developed a number of scholarships aimed at providing educational opportunities in finance and management to both adults wishing to pursue their education, and students entering into post-graduate studies. Information on these scholarships can be found at left.

AFOA is also pleased to provide information on scholarships, awards and grants offered to Aboriginals who wish to pursue an education in finance and management by other organizations.