AFOA Canada 17th National Conference

The AFOA Canada 17th National Conference will be held in Calgary, Alberta from February 7 - 9, 2017 at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

Aboriginal Economy - Building a Stronger Future

  Along with this growing economy is the need for financial services at a personal level, for economic development opportunities and to operate Aboriginal governments. The creation and ability to generate wealth is paramount to the ongoing sustainability of Aboriginal communities. Much of these opportunities will be realized by building the financial, management and leadership acumen and capacity of individuals who will take their communities to the next level. Opportunity and capacity are two sides of the same coin. This conference will focus on financial management, banking and investments. The workshops will focus on key areas that are needed to build capacity in Aboriginal communities. In 2016, the Aboriginal Economy reached $30 to 31 Billion in combined income across households, businesses and government.

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Lead Sponsor

  AFOA Canada is pleased to announce that First Nations Bank of Canada has been named as the Lead Sponsor for the AFOA Canada 17th National Conference!

First Nations Bank of Canada is proud to be the Lead Sponsor for the 17th AFOA Canada National Conference. With the growth and increased complexity of Aboriginal governments, organizations and businesses, skilled financial and administrative management is more important than ever. AFOA Canada plays a key role in developing and supporting these professional managers and the National Conference is their premier event of the year. I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s conference in Calgary.

Keith Martell, CPA, CA, CAFM, Chief Executive Officer
First Nations Bank of Canada

Conference Committee

  AFOA Canada is pleased to announce our 17th National Conference Co-Chairs and Committee Members.

George Arcand Jr
CEO of Administration
Fort McKay First Nation, AB 
Gina Potts
Chief Operating Officer
A3 Limited, Edmonton, AB
  Committee Members
  Terry Goodtrack, MPA, B Admin, CPA, CGA, CAFM, CAPA, C. Dir
President and Chief Executive Officer
AFOA Canada
  Gerald W. Whitford
Board of Director
AFOA Canada
  Chris Sicotte
Chair of the Board of Directors
AFOA Canada

  Jessica Dorion, CAFM
Finance Manager
Enoch Housing Authority

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  If you have any questions about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference Secretariat or AFOA Canada.
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