Admission Through the CAFM Education Program

Admission through completion of the CAFM Education Program followed by practical work experience and successful completion of the professional exam.

These requirements are: 
Completion of the Certified Aboriginal Financial Management program requirements (below). 
 2. Minimum of two years full time practical work experience gained in an Aboriginal financial management environment and verified by two sponsors, one of which must be from an Aboriginal organization. Each sponsor must be from a separate organization.
 3. Successful completion of the Professional Exam
 4. Signed agreement to abide by the Standards of Ethical Conduct (included in CAFM Education Program Application). 
 The specific steps are:
 1. Send in your membership application to AFOA Canada.
 2.  Successfully complete the 6 Certificate Level and 8 Diploma Level Courses in the CAFM Program (65% pass) including:
The four on-line courses offered exclusively through AFOA Canada (CAFM 4 - Strategy & Decisions; CAFM 5 - Values & Ethics in the Workplace; CAFM 6 - Aboriginal History & Developments; CAFM 14 - Aboriginal Human & Fiscal Issues) 
CAFM 3 - offered either by AFOA on-line or at an accredited post-secondary educational institution
The remaining nine CAFM courses offered by post-secondary education institutions across Canada 
Submit Certificate level course transcripts for exemption to receive your Certificate in Aboriginal Financial Management 
Submit Diploma level course transcripts for exemption to receive your Diploma in Aboriginal Financial Management 
Complete a CAFM application to write the Professional Examination and you may register for the National CAFM Examination Preparation Session
 4. Upon review of your CAFM application, you will be advised if you are eligible to write the Professional Examination
 5. If eligible, you will be enrolled into the exam. If you do not meet the criteria to write the Professional Examination, you will be provided with recommendations of prerequisites prior to writing the exam
Successfully complete the professional exam
 7. Meet the practical experience requirements
 8. Obtain Board approval
 9. Receive your professional designation 

CAFM Education Program

The CAFM program consists of fourteen courses leading to the Diploma in Aboriginal Financial Management, the first step in getting a CAFM designation. Four of the courses are offered only on-line through AFOA Canada. Nine courses in the CAFM Educational program are delivered by AFOA accredited universities and colleges throughout Canada. One course (Law) is offered both on-line and in colleges and universities

Certificate Level

  • CAFM 1 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • CAFM 2 - Business Communications
  • CAFM 3 - Aboriginal Law *
  • CAFM 4 - Strategy & Decisions **
  • CAFM 5 - Values & Ethics in the Aboriginal Workplace **
  • CAFM 6 - Aboriginal History & Developments **
Diploma Level Courses
  • CAFM 7 - Managing Information Systems
  • CAFM 8 - Micro & Macro Economics
  • CAFM 9 - Financial Accounting: Assets
  • CAFM 10 - Financial Accounting: Liabilities & Equities
  • CAFM 11 - Business Quantitative Analysis
  • CAFM 12 - Management Accounting Fundamentals
  • CAFM 13 - Corporate Finance Fundamentals
  • CAFM 14 - Aboriginal Human & Fiscal Issues **

* Offered on-line through AFOA and at accredited colleges and universities
** Offered on-line through AFOA only

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AFOA Canada Program Exemptions

You may apply to receive credit for CAFM courses completed at post-secondary educational institutions across Canada.  Please visit the 'CAFM Program Exemptions' page for detailed information.

Additional Information