Webinar: HR - Returning To Work During Covid-19

Human Resources - Returning to work during COVID-19: Building a Resilient Workforce

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to disrupt workplaces everywhere, the focus for many organizations is shifting to ways to support in developing resiliency in their employees.  
Studies have found that more resilient people are higher performers, respond better to change and are able to protect themselves from stress more effectively.  It is no surprise, therefore, that many organizations are investing in tools and practices to develop resiliency in their staff. 
Whether your employees have returned to the office, are still working from home or a hybrid of the two, there are active steps that your organization can take to support your people. 
This webinar will walk you through best practice ideas for creating an environment that fosters resiliency and provide practical tools that you can apply immediately to support staff. 

Presented by Tanya Neitzert and Katharine Evans, Partners at Boreala Management
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