About Us

AFOA Canada was founded as a not-for-profit association in 1999 to help Indigenous people better manage and govern their communities and organizations through a focus on enhancing management, finance and governance practices and skills. AFOA Canada’s premise is that one of the keys to successful self-determination, creating a better life for Canada’s Indigenous people and a better future for the next generation lies in improving the management skills of those responsible for the stewardship of Indigenous resources.

After over twenty years in operation, AFOA Canada has become the centre for excellence and innovation in Indigenous management, finance, and governance.  It is the only organization in Canada that focuses on the capacity development and day-to-day needs of those Indigenous professionals who are working in all areas of management, finance, band administration, leadership and program managementWe are Building a Community of Professionals.


AFOA Canada is the centre for excellence for Indigenous management, finance and governance. 


Building a community of professionals by respecting and supporting individuals, organizations and communities on their journey to management proficiency, professional certification and self-reliance.


Relevance: Responding to the needs and interests of members and communities
Integrity: Safeguarding the trust placed in us
Excellence: Strengthening impact through high quality standards
Innovation: Creating change that is positive, valued and applied
Collaboration: Building relationships, addressing issues, and meeting needs

AFOA Canada achieves its mandate by:
  • Building capacity aimed at enhancing competency and skills development in financial management, general management, program management  and leadership
  • Publishing the Journal of Aboriginal Management (JAM), Canada’s only professional Indigenous management journal
  • Professional development training
  • Development of Indigenous financial management, accounting and reporting standards
  • Certifying Indigenous Financial Managers
  • Certifying Indigenous Professional Administrators
  • Promoting excellence and professionalism in Indigenous Communities and organizations
  • Promoting of best practices
  • Encouraging Indigenous youth to enter into the finance and management professions
  • Providing a forum to support our members through sharing of knowledge and experience
  • Supporting Indigenous accountability and self-determination efforts
We serve our members' professional needs so that they can help their organizations and communities maximize resources, strengthen decision-making and governance, enhance the delivery of programs and services and meet accountability requirements. We serve our members' needs so that they can improve their skills and knowledge, grow professionally, and progress through their careers.

AFOA membership spans the country from the Pacific to the Atlantic to the Arctic. AFOA members are leaders in their communities, organizations, and companies. What binds them is their commitment to financial and management excellence. They are the people who get things done. You can be among them.

AFOA Strategic Objectives 2013 - 2018

  1. Delivering value to Individual and Corporate Members
  2. Increasing membership in four priority areas: Youth, Financial Professionals, Management Professionals and Corporate Members
  3. Operating a leadership and training institute of certified programs, workshop and professional development
  4. Providing options that support Indigenous communities in achieving their chosen vision
  5. Communicating the AFOA Canada brand to political bodies, general public, corporate entities and an international market
  6. Effectively fulfilling our Governance Responsibilities

By-Law #1

By-Laws relating generally to the transaction of the business and affairs of AFOA Canada: By-Law #1