AFOA Chapters

AFOA Canada has Chapters operating in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, Nunavut, Atlantic and Quebec. Each Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of senior financial managers within that province/region. Chapters play an important role and have significant value impacting AFOA Canada's mandate and objectives.

AFOA Chapters play a governance role; each chapter appoints a representative to sit on the AFOA Canada Board of Directors. AFOA Chapters also importantly:

  • provide a direct link to local Indigenous financial professionals and management
  • facilitate capacity building across a broader base constituency
  • enhance communication by providing an efficient and effective method of addressing local issues
  • provide on-site assistance and delivery of services tailored to specific geographical needs
  • provide members with relatively inexpensive/cost-efficient "face to face" networking and professional development opportunities
  • help to enhance Certified Aboriginal Financial Management (CAFM) awareness and image
  • provide a direct conduit for local member issues and concerns
  • serve as a vital link between AFOA Canada and local Indigenous organizations
Chapters often hold capacity development workshops and other events throughout the year. Information on these events is posted in Events and on the individual Chapter links at right.

Chapters also engage in capacity development projects which result in valuable resources for all Indigneous financial managers. These can be located in the Centre for Aboriginal Finance and Management Excellence Resources Link .

If you are interested in becoming involved with a Chapter, click on the Chapter link and email them. They will be pleased to hear from you.

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