General Award Regulations for Awards & Scholarships

AFOA Canada is dedicated to helping Indigenous people reach the highest standard of excellence in finance and management. AFOA Canada's initiatives in the development of Awards and Scholarships are examples of that commitment. Each year a ceremony is held in conjunction with the AFOA Canada National Conference where the following awards and scholarship are presented:

The MNP-AFOA Canada Indigenous Community Excellence Award for Sustainable Communities recognizes and celebrates Indigenous achievement in financial management.

The Nutrien Indigenous Youth Financial Management Awards are open to Indigenous youth in grades 11 & 12. Recipients attend AFOA Canada's National Conference to participate in a special Youth program designed to introduce youth to careers in Indigenous finance and management, as well as become eligible for a $5,000.00 Scholarship.

New!  The AFOA Canada-Nutrien Volunteer Who Inspires Award recognizes an individual who inspires, influences and has made work sustainable for future leaders in their community or organization. 

In addition to set eligibility criteria and nomination processes for each of the above initiatives, please refer to the General Regulations below.


  1. Previous entries that did not receive an award or scholarship may be resubmitted in subsequent years by following the same nomination procedures. No limit will be placed on the number of times a nomination may be resubmitted.
  2. Previous recipients of awards or scholarships cannot reapply for the same award or scholarship.
  3. Nominations must be accompanied by supportive materials of acceptable quality. AFOA reserves the right to determine what constitutes acceptable quality and to set aside any nomination accompanied by supportive materials of unacceptable quality.
  4. Nominations for posthumous awards will not be considered.
  5. No nomination or expression of support for a nomination may be made by a current member of the National Board unless a conflict of interest is declared, or by a direct family member of a serving board or staff member.
  6. Former Members of the National Board of the AFOA Canada may be nominated for an award or scholarship one year after their term has ended.
  7. Former Members of the Chapter Boards may be nominated for an award or scholarship one year after their term has ended.
  8. Current members of Chapter Boards cannot nominate each other for an award.
  9. Members of Chapter Boards may be nominated ONLY by community member for an award.
  10. AFOA Canada reserves the right not to confer any or all of the awards or scholarship in a given year.
  11. AFOA Canada reserves the right to amend the above regulations, revoke an award, scholarship or prize when such a measure is deemed warranted.
  12. AFOA Canada will look at the status of the nominees/applicants based on date of submission.