The AFOA Canada 20th Anniversary National Conference will be held at TCU Place in Saskatoon, SK from October 8 - 10, 2019.

Community Administration – Managing Through Disruptions

At a community level, there are many disruptions that happen. This can be external pressures to a community organization such as floods and earthquakes. Other pressures can be how a community is addressing significant family and health issues. It can also be internal pressures to the organization such as cyber security breaches or changing workforce demographics such as the millennials in the workplace. As these disruptions occur, it raises many questions for managers and staff to ponder on how to effectively deal with them. These questions can point toward much needed changes in an organization’s strategy, risk management, financial or operations. It may also provide new insights that require leaders to ensure the community’s vision can still be achieved while managing through the disruptions. If you have to oversee or administer any type of disruption, this is a must attend conference for you.

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Corporate Lead Sponsor

  AFOA Canada is pleased to announce that First Nations Bank of Canada has been named as the  Corporate Lead Sponsor for the AFOA Canada 20th National Conference!

Conference Committee

  AFOA Canada is pleased to announce our 20th National Conference Co-Chairs and Committee Members.

  Lynnette Crowe, MBA
Finance Manager
Piapot First Nation, SK
  Lee Ahenakew
Lee Ahenakew & Associates Consulting
  Committee Members
  Jessica Dorion, CAFM
Chair of the Board of Directors
AFOA Canada
  Terry Goodtrack, MPA, B Admin, FCPA, FCGA, CAFM, CAPA, C. Dir
President and Chief Executive Officer
AFOA Canada
  Louis LeDoux
Director of Operations
Mistawasis First Nation, SK
  Donna Morin, CPA-CMA, CAFM
AFOA Saskatchewan

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