The AFOA Canada 2020 National Conference scheduled for October in Halifax has been postponed given the Covid-19 pandemic.

next conference will be held October 19-21, 2021 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Indigenous Economy of Tomorrow

Many communities are creating Economic Development Corporations as a vehicle to participate in the larger economy.  Profits generated are used to grow the businesses and to supplement expenditures on community social outcomes.  In deciding on which business opportunity to explore, community leaders are considering how community values reveal community choices and business opportunities.  COVID-19 had a dramatic effect on our people, communities, businesses and organizations and requires us to explore what the future holds for Indigenous economy of tomorrow.  The opening plenary panel will explore how community values and beliefs provides guidance on business opportunities, resiliency and sustainability in the face of economic downturns. They will also discuss their perspectives on what the Indigenous economy could look like tomorrow.  This is a must attend plenary, if you are part of the consultation, advisory or decision-making processes on whether to pursue a particular business opportunity.

Corporate Lead Sponsor

  AFOA Canada is pleased to announce that First Nations Bank of Canada has been named as the Corporate Lead Sponsor for the AFOA Canada 21st National Conference!

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