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Get your message & brand in front of key Indigenous decision makers, community members and this country’s largest Association of Indigenous Professionals. We are now accepting advertisements and articles for the 28th issue to be released in March 2021.

AFOA Canada 
invites article abstracts for contributions from professionals and educators who wish to write for the 28th edition of the Journal of Aboriginal Management (JAM). JAM will be published and distributed to our members and made available to all First Nation Communities. Articles must be translated into French as this Journal is published in both official languages. Should you require assistance for translating, our team can assist. Please be advised that a translation fee will apply.

Writing and Advertising Guidelines
If you are interested in writing or advertising in the Journal of Aboriginal Management, please review the writing and advertising guidelines then download and fill out the form. Please confirm your space by January 6, 2020.
If you are interested in writing or advertising in JAM, please contact dbeaver@afoa.ca

Issue 28

This edition of JAM will focus on the theme of
Diversity and Inclusivity

This issue will cover questions such as:

  • What does diversity and inclusivity look like within Indigenous businesses and communities?
  • Why is access to opportunities important for an inclusive society?
  • What does inclusive growth mean from an economic and social perspective?
  • What are some best practices for ensuring an inclusive workplace?
  • How can traditional teachings be a part of inclusivity in an organization?
  • What role can inclusivity play in recovery following the Coronavirus pandemic

Please note: this issue will be published online only due to mail delays and other limitations caused by the pandemic. Members will not be receiving printed publications by mail.

Advertising Rates



  Full Page

  Inside Front or Back Cover             
   Corporate Member Rate: $3,500   
   Non-Member Rate: $4,500

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   Corporate Member Rate: $2,500
   Non-Member Rate: $3,500

  Half Page

   Corporate Member Rate: $1,000
   Non-Member Rate: $1,500

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  Vertical or Horizontal
   Corporate Member Rate: $750
   Non-Member Rate: $1,000

  1/4 Page

   Corporate Member Rate: $500
   Non-Member Rate: $750

For more information, please review the Writing and Advertising guidelines.


The Journal of Aboriginal Management is the only professional journal in Canada for Indigenous Professionals working in the management, finance and governance fields. This semi-annual journal focuses on professional trends and innovations in these fields and includes interviews with leaders, articles from experts that profile community-based initiatives and best practices, as well as advertisements from professional organizations that are at the top of their field. This Journal is intended to help you be on the leading-edge of key Indigenous management, finance and governance issues that will impact your career and business.


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