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AFOA Nunavut 
Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky               

The purposes of the Nunavut Chapter are:

  (a)   to provide a central organization for the uniting together of Aboriginal Financial Officers located in Nunavut;
  (b) to encourage and assist Aboriginal Financial Officers in Nunavut to meet on a regular basis;
  (c) to advance and accredit the level of education of Aboriginal Finance and Administrative Officers located in Nunavut;
  (d) to advocate necessary changes to funding policies and guidelines with federal, provincial and municipal governments;
  (e) to initiate, promote and support projects to educate Aboriginal people about all aspects of funding and finances;
  (f) to receive funds, equipment and any other assets by way of gifts, donations, loans or other investments form public or private sources for the carrying out of the corporations purposes;
  (g) to raise money through subscriptions, projects, donations, gifts, testaments and by any other legal means for the carrying out of the corporations purposes; and
  (h) to operate and maintain a bank account for the sole benefit of the corporation and to do all such things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the purposes of the corporation.


Board of Directors

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