nominate a community for an indigenous excellence award

MNP & AFOA Canada are dedicated to helping Indigenous leaders reach the highest standard of excellence in finance and management. This is one example of that commitment.

We are pleased to share, the 2019 MNP-AFOA Canada Indigenous Community Excellence Award is now OPEN.  The award recognizes an Indigenous community that has demonstrated significant change through governance, leadership and management excellence. A task not easily accomplished, but has been undertaken by an entire community to propel change for its members.

Applicants/Nominees are asked to demonstrate how their commitment towards progression has positively impacted their members, stakeholders and those they work with.

We invite you to think about the people around you and to nominate someone who has demonstrated a special passion and drive in the interests of Aboriginal financial management. Who has strengthened and has built upon the successes we have achieved?  Who exemplifies this mission through their day-to-day efforts?

For more information or to download the application, please visit the Awards page .