Bio of Allan Okabe, CAFM, ICD.D

Allan is a member of the Kitsumkalum Band of the north coast Tsimshian Nation and the sole proprietor of Ganhada Management Group, a First Nation management consulting firm established in 1992. The core business has been in economic and business development including IBA’s in the resource sectors (mining, oil and gas, forestry, fisheries, energy) as well as civil construction, tourism, transportation and land development projects for First Nation clients. Ganhada took on intervention management assignments as Third Party Managers and Co Managers for AANDC and Health Canada starting in 2005 and have a performance record averaging less than three years under intervention, to where the First Nation’s reporting is up to date and compliant, programs and administrative staff are operating within policy and the solvency ratio is corrected. Ganhada has an average of three intervention clients and have had two First Nations elect to continue a direct-hire band administration contract after being returned to self management.

Allan received his CAFM designation in 2011 and completed certification requirements to be awarded the ICD.D designation as a corporate director in 2009. He has served on Crown and Public company boards (as member and chair) since 1988 including Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, BC Ferry Corporation, Industry Training and Apprenticeship Commission, Native Economic Advisory Board, Chai-Na-Ta Corporation and currently sits on AANDC Capital Committee for BC.


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