AFOA Canada Live Webinar Series


The Evolving Indigenous Workplace: Defining the New Normal is AFOA Canada’s inaugural Live Webinar series. It is a weekly live webinar to share resources and credible information from experts that will help you navigate through the ever-changing events around COVID-19. 

Community leadership is reshaping their management practices to provide effective and efficient service delivery to their community members and stakeholders. These free webinars will explore topics of relevance and discuss emerging issues that our communities will be facing in the near future.


If you register for and attend THREE live webinars, you will be automatically entered to win an AFOA prize pack that includes but is not limited to: a backpack, water bottle or mug, phone charger, leather notebook, and more!

Our thanks to AFOA Canada Corporate Members who have agreed to participate in these free events.

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Registration: Registration is limited to the first 500 people. You must register for each webinar separately. 

How to Access:  Once registered, you will receive an email from Zoom ( with details on how to join the webinar. If you do not see this email. please check your junk mail folders before contacting for assistance.

Webinar Length: approx. 45 Minutes (30 minute presentation followed by a Q&A)

Recording: After the live event, a recording of the webinar and slides will be available on this page.

The Evolving Indigenous Workplace: Defining the New Normal

Auditing in the age of COVID

Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 2pm EDT

How are auditors and organizations adjusting to auditing with the challenges COVID. This session will outline the challenges and opportunities of completing audits with the impacts of social distancing and limited access to physical locations. We will discuss the use of digital platforms for the completion of the audit as well as outline the more challenging audit areas and alternatives for addressing these.

Presenters: Blair Smith, Brian Callander, David Pluta, and Matthew Peron, BDO.

CPA Canada Financial Literacy - Fraud Protection

Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 2pm EDT

Fraud is now a reality and it behooves all of us to learn more about what is a fraud. In this session, you will also learn the types of fraud, how it works, and signs of being victimized. In addition, you will know what to do if you've fallen victim as well as some real-life examples of fraud.

Presenters: Linda Yao, CPA, and Jerry Pan, CPA

Community Resiliency - Challenges, Strengths and Courage

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 2pm EDT

As Indigenous communities navigate these unprecedented times and challenges, community resiliency, strength and courage has never been more important. Understanding the roots of Indigenous resiliency, our stories and strategies, helps to guide the decisions we make for our future well-being as communities, organizations and networks. This webinar will provide you with the opportunity to learn about community resiliency throughout Indigenous history with an experienced Indigenous business expert with over 20 years of experience in working with, building and supporting communities.

Presenter: Harmony Redsky, Roots & Rights Media

Investing during Turbulent Times

Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 2pm EDT

The world came to a standstill during the COVID-19 pandemic, however pension plans drastically changed during this time. There are many questions and concerns that you may have. Is my retirement still on track? Should I change my investments? Do I feel like I’m the same investor as last year? If you would like to know how the investment industry has responded and what you can do to keep your retirement plans on track this webinar will help guide you to cutting out the noise and focusing on what’s important in regards to your pension plans.  

Presenters: Roy Bluehorn, Account Executive, Pension & Benefits, TIPI-IMI Insurance Partners, and Dion McKay, Account Executive, Pensions & Benefits, TIPI Insurance Partners

Returning to the Workplace: Ask the Experts

Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 2pm EDT

As restrictions are gradually lifted and employees return to work, many employers are asking themselves questions about how they will efficiently bring employees back to the workplace and what the ‘new normal’ will look like for them. 

Perhaps some of your staff have raised concerns and are reluctant to come back? How do you best manage bringing employees back that have been laid off or put on job re-allocation? What policies will you put in place for employees that are in the ‘vulnerable’ category? 

This webinar will touch on some of the main questions we have been receiving from our indigenous clients regarding managing the return to work process, and answer questions and concerns you may have when planning for the smooth return of your staff. 

Presenter: Tanya Neitzert, Partner, Boreala Management

Returning to the Workplace: Health and Safety

Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 2pm EDT

A return to regular work is imminent for many employees across the country, as restrictions in place as part of the coronavirus response are reviewed. 

A reintroduction to office life can be dangerous if mishandled. As your organization starts to think about the eventual return to work for your employees, this webinar will walk you through the main Health and Safety concerns that you should be considering to ensure a safe environment for your staff. 

This webinar will provide you with a checklist of items that your organization can use to consider and carefully plan for this transition back to work to maintain safety, manage resources and rebuild employee morale. 

Presenter: Tanya Neitzert, Partner, Boreala Management

COVID-19 Tracking Expenditures and Reporting

Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 1:00 pm EDT

During times of crisis, tracking and recording of expenditures is not likely top of mind. However, reporting and eligibility for these expenditures will be required. This session will discuss some of the challenges in collection of data and offer some possible solutions to assist with this process. The intent is to make it as efficient and effective as possible, and to capture the necessary information in real time to support the expenditures. We will also discuss currently available information for the reporting process.

Presenters: Kenny Ansems, CPA, CA, CAFM, BC & Yukon Director, Indigenous Services, EASE Director, MNP. Lee St. Arnaud, M.Sc., Consulting, MNP. Tony Gill, MBA, CAFM, Senior Manager, Indigenous Services, MNP

COVID-19 Government Support Programs

Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 1:00 pm EDT

The First Nations Bank of Canada will highlight the impact of COVID-19 from the perspective an Indigenous banking institution, and outline funding supports currently available to Indigenous governments and businesses. This 30 minute presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session.

Presenters: Kevin Michael, VP Commercial Banking, and Dan Murza, AVP Commercial Banking, of the First Nations Bank of Canada

... and more topics to be announced soon.